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Sunday, October 23, 2016

During 2016-17, teachers, students and administrators will tell the White Oak story through digital scoreboards.  The primary instructional scoreboard will include the following:

  • Whiteboard Configuration: Classrooms have daily goals, objectives, Essential Questions (EQs), agendas & homework assignments posted on the board (or other location).
  • Student Use of Technology: Students are observed utilizing technology, 1:1 devices, cell phones for instructional purposes or digital textbooks & resources.
  • Student Collaboration: Students are observed effectively interacting with each other to accomplish instructional goals.
  • AVID Strategies: Observed instructional activities and other indicators are connected to AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination).  This includes specific organizational, note taking and instructional strategies. 
  • Academic Advisory Fidelity: Observed AA classes include best practices (AA lesson implementation, data checks/grade conferences, news/current events, academic advising, grade level specific content such as GRADProject activities, academy related programs).

Scholarship Postings for 2016-17 (posted to the WOHS website):

Cell Phone Policy Preference Scoreboard (from rising 9th grade orientation):

Twitter Poll Scoreboard...  Leading up to the Wizard of Oz:

All-County Art Participation Scoreboard:

Technology Scoreboard from 2016-17:


Mini-Munckins Scoreboard from Spring 2017:

Blood Drive Scoreboard from Nov. 2016:

Mock Election Scoreboard from Nov. 2016:

Edmentum Logins and/or Questions Answered  (Edmentum houses our benchmarking programs, Plato and Study Island).

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