School Messenger Call- 1/16
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Missed our call?  No worries...  this is the raw text of the message.  CLICK HERE to listen.


This is message for White Oak families in 90 seconds or less… 

We are wrapping up the 1st semester this week with four days of exams.  Teachers will be processing grades and the week will be followed by two workdays (Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 23 & 24). 

An important item to check as teachers’ finalize grades is your child’s attendance.  Students with more than 10 unexcused absences can’t receive course credit…  even if the student has a passing grade, 10 or more unexcused absences will result in an FF on the report card for that course.  Although attendance notes should have been submitted shortly following the absence, it may be worth your time to send in parent notes or doctors’ notes for those absences that should have been excused.  If you have any questions, call Mrs. Vinson in our attendance office tomorrow.

A quick repeat from last week’s message…  exams this week are one per day beginning with 1st period.  It is imperative that students arrive on time and ready as state exams don’t allow for late entry.  We need students to bring laptops charged up and with their charging cords, just in case.  Exams are 25% of the overall grade…  We have plenty of time to complete the exams so please encourage students to take their time, read through, and eliminate choices.  I think our kids are ready, but we have to follow the protocols and complete this round of exams…    Although we will be on an early release schedule for the week, students shouldn’t be checking out earlier than the early release.  Misadministration of exams is pretty serious and we have to work to avoid it.  Cell phones will be silenced and collected, movement will be limited… and our folks on campus will work to keep the school quiet during testing.   For those parents who are helping us a proctors…  thank you!

I know exam are often stressful for our families and students…  we feel it too on the school side of the house.  Please remember that while we expect to see some great scores, regardless of the one number that comes out of the next four days of testing, every one of our kids is unique and has strengths and talents.  I’m proud of every student who comes to White Oak to do his or her best.  Thanks for letting us work with your kids.  Best wishes for a successful close out of semester 1.

White Oak Vikings-  I thank you for your time and attention.  

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