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This year's musical is The Hunchback of Notre Dame!!

This Page contains information for students and parents involved in this year's musical. Check out the file for parent information, calendar, forms for completion, etc.

 Tickets are now on sale!

Go to the link below to purchase tickets:



Cast, Pit, and Crew:

Complete your biographies here:


The 2018 Parent Information booklet can be downloaded from the Files area. The booklet contains the Schedule, T-shirt form, DVD form, Save-A-Seat form, Sponsorship Form, and permission form.

Forms are also available separately in the Forms area above.

Be sure to check this year's rehearsal schedule for accurate due dates.


Musical Crew list below:

Hunchback of Notre Dame CREW – Please turn in permission forms by Monday. Biographies due by first night rehearsal.


Stage Crew:

Chief – Chris Cooney [Costumed]

Hannah Bonogafsky

Michael Kiley [Costumed]

Jaiden McElyea

Jasmin Valdez

Karrieb Shelton



Chief – Catherine Price [Costumed]

Sarah Deminico

Joaquin Spells


Lights & Sound:

Shaniece Meadows

Jailyn G Carter

Emily Scanlan

Christopher Blair

Matt Beagle

De’Shauna Cruz



Nia Rainey

Mariah Williams

Tyaisha Chambers


Makeup & Costume:

Chief – Gabby Smith

Adriana Cordoba

Victoria Bowber

Taryn Bay

Abigail Cairo

Destiny Pearce

Nadia Holloway

Karen Price

Kamryn Fleming

Hailey White



Production Assistant:

Garrett Bullock

Alyssa Delgado-Rangel

Musical Cast list below:


Cast List – Hunchback of Notre Dame 2017




Dom Claude Frollo, archdeacon of Notre Dame Cathedral…Davyous Melvin


Jehan Frollo, Claude’s reckless younger brother…….Patrick Garvey**


Florika, a Gypsy….Sierra Shostak**


Father Dupin, priest of ND and guardian of Claude & Jehan…Kevin Hayward**


Quasimodo…Matthew Gomez


Clopin Trouillefou, Queen of the Gypsies…Madison Reimer


Phoebus de Martin, Captain of the Cathedral Guard…Javon Scott


Frederic Charlus, Lieutenant of the Cathedral Guard…Jon Lacis


Esmeralda, beautiful Gypsy…Claire Whaley


King Louis XI, King of France…Patrick Garvey**


Official, officer of the court…Daija Bennett**


Madame, owner of brothel…Marissa Vargas


Saint Aphrodisius, stained glass window…Sierra Shostak**


Gypsies: Daija Bennett**, Nyvellya Harris, McKenzie Joyce, Hannah McElhinney, Sierra Shostak**, Emilie Ticer, Jessandria Vega, Monique Morales, Paige Arrington


Gargoyles & Statues: Isabella Murphree, Anna Le, Jadyn Ballard, Amiah Davis, Meagan Ochoa-Iago, Lauren Kincaid, Alana Philogene


Soldiers: Kevin Hayward**, Jonathan Jackson, Patrick Garvey**


Clergy: Morgan Crowson, Janejah Smith, Ja’Naia Jefferies, Jenna Keeney, Jackquelyn Derritt, Ka’Nae Harper, Brianna Taggart, Jasmine Burkes, Star White, Ely Sarver, Kay-Anna Glover, Marissa Vargas


Citizens of Paris: Virginia Roberts, Veronica Barron, Rae Anna Sworn, Aida Barry, Megan Glover


** - Student has been assigned more than one role.

Pit list:

Piano - Mrs. Benson

Flute/Piccolo - Hannah Daniels

Flute - Reagan Patterson

Alto Sax - Mia Rabassi

Tenor Sax - Douglas Johnson

Clarinet - Jade Sweeney, Kianni Byrd

Bass Clarinet - Saijon Woodland

Trumpet 1 - Jared Alexander

Trumpet 2 - Alex Klink, Kaden Weaver

Horn - Natasha Deabreu

Trombone 1 - Katlin Dumler

Trombone 2 - Zach Bradley

Violin 1 - Sammy Capati, Bode Kellum

Violin 2 - Mr. Dundore

Viola - Angel Padilla, Judiana Ortiz

Cello - Jonah Jones, Alivia Miner, Lexi McKivitz

Bass - Mia Daniels

Percussion - Andrew Parkan

Drums - Dante Miller