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Welcome Letter
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Welcome Letter

Extra Curricular Activities
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Academic Derby - Sponsor Mrs. Prince

Art Club - Dr. Pylypiw and Ms. Criscitiello

Athletics - Athletic Director Mr. Grimes and Assistant Athletic Director Mr. Larose

Drama Club - Sponsor Mrs. Prince

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) - Sponsor TBA

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) - Sponsors Mrs. Rosage, Ms. Downey, Ms. Benson, Mr. Ditch, Mrs. Young

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) - Sponsor TBD

Future Farmers of America (FFA) - Sponsor Mrs. Futrell

Future Teachers of America (FTA) - Sponsor TBA

Green Team - Sponsor Mr. Dillman

Marshals - Sponsor Mrs. Larose

Musical - Sponsors Mr. Day, Mr. Ditch, Ms. Goodson-Spear, Mrs. Larose, Ms. Moehrke, Mrs. Prince, Dr. Pylypiw, Ms. Stumpf

National Art Honor Society - Sponsors Dr. Pylypiw and Ms. Criscitiello

National Honor Society (NHS) - Sponsor Mrs. Farney

National Math Honor Society - Mu Alpha Theta - Sponsor Ms. Ashley

National Technical Honor Society - Sponsors Mr. Lausterer

Odyssey of the Mind - Sponsor Mr. White

Spanish Club - Sponsors TBA

Step Team - Sponsor Mr. White

Student Council (SCA) - Sponsors Ms. Coleman, Ms. Wickwire, Dr. Pylypiw

Student-to-Student (S2S) Club - Sponsor Mrs. Howard

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Club - Sponsors Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Jackson

Tri-M - Sponsors Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Goodson-Spear, Mr. Day

Ultimate Frisbee - Sponsor Mr. Dillman

Student Recognition for Academic Success
Code # Subject

North Carolina Academic Scholars Program

Presidential Academic Fitness Award

Principal's List/Honor Roll

Sponsors for Academic Talent (SAT)

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

General Information
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Adviser/Advisee Program


Appeals Procedure (BOE Policy 1749/4010)

Bus Transportation (BOE Policy 4316)

Checkouts (BOE Policy 4400)

Closed Campus (BOE Policy 4215)

Computer Usage and Network Guidelines (BOE Policy 3225/7320)

Early Release

Family Educational Rights (FERPA)

Fees and Fee Waiver Policy (BOE Policy 4600)

Field Trips and School Activities (BOE Policy 3320/3620)

Food Deliveries

Food Services (BOE Policy 6200)

Lockers (BOE Policy 4342)

Media Center Usage

Medication (BOE Policy 6125)

Restricted and Non-Restricted Areas

School Counselor Services

School Resource Officer (SRO) - BOE Policy 5120

School Safety and Bomb Threats (BOE Policy 1510/4200/4333/5120/7270)

Student Parking on Campus (BOE Policy 4342)

Telephone (Office)

Vending Machines


Weather Watch

Code # Subject


Attendance Procedures

Board of Education Attendance Policy and Guidelines (BOE Policy 4400)

Tardy Policy and Procedures

Graduation Requirements
Code # Subject

Grading Policies

Graduating Early

Graduation Requirements for Students Entering 9th Grade for the 1st Time in 2012-13 and Beyond

Graduation Requirements for Students Entering High School in 2009, 2010, and 2011

Testing and Graduation Project

College Preparation
Code # Subject

ACT and PLAN Tests

ACT WorkKeys Exam


Expectations and Guidelines for Student Success
Code # Subject



Assault on Another Student (BOE Policy 4331)

Assault or Violence directed toward Any School Employee (BOE Policy 4331)

Bullying (BOE Policy 4331)

Cheating, Plagiarizing, Forgery and Violation of Copyright Laws (BOE Policy 4310)

Damage or Destruction of School Property (BOE 4330)

Detention: Failure to Serve

Disorderly Conduct (BOE 4300, 4310, 4315 and G.S 14-288.4)

Disrespectful Behavior (BOE Policy 4300, 4310, 4315)

Disruptive/Inappropriate Classroom Behavior (BOE Policy 4300, 4315)

Dress Code (BOE Policy 4303)

Driving on Campus

Drugs or Alcohol: Possession, Sale, Use or Under the Influence (BOE Policy 4325)

Electronic Devices: Cell Phones, iPods, MP3 players, Headphones, Tablets, etc.

Excessive Tardiness


Insubordination/Failure to Comply (BOE Policy 4300, 4301)

School Bus Expectations (BOE Policy 4316)


Theft or Damage to Private or Public Property (BOE Policy 4330)

Tobacco Products: Possession and/or Use (BOE Policy 4320)

Truancy: Being in an Unauthorized Area, Cutting Class, Skipping School, Leaving Class/Campus

Weapons, Bomb, Biological or Chemical Threats, Explosives, and Threats to Safety (BOE Policy 4333)

Bell Schedules
Code # Subject

Regular Bell Schedule

Special Event Schedule

Three Hour Delay Schedule

Two Hour Delay Schedule

Two-Hour Early Release (Professional Development Day)

Viking Valor Schedules